What is Our Lenzing Modal Fabric?

At Emi & Kay, we specialize in comfy + cute pajamas and loungewear! We offer a collection of temperature regulating fabric made out of Lenzing modal. 

Lenzing produces this eco-friendly fabric. It’s  lightweight, breathable, stretchy, and buttery soft. 

Qualities of Lenzing Modal Fabric

  • Lenzing modal fabric guarantees that they won’t crease or shrink throughout the years. 
  • Modal fibers feel twice as soft as cotton.
  • It’s color-fast.
  • Modal fibers last longer than cotton.
  • Keeps you warm in the winter, cool in the summer

How to Wash Lenzing Modal Fabric

Expect to wash your pajamas and loungewear sets with cold water, as well as a low temperature for the dryer.

With its wrinkle resistant qualities, no need to iron your clothes!

Remember, this material can handle frequent wash and dry cycles.

How is modal fabric eco-friendly?

Modal fabric derives from beech tree pulp which makes it a plant-based textile. Because water isn’t as vital for beech trees, the process to make modal fabric uses way less water than other fabrics. 

It’s also eco-friendly because it is certifiably biodegradable and compostable. 

Additionally, Lenzing reuses its solvents which produces many common cleaning products. 

Come and get your Emi & Kay temperature regulating fabric and wrap yourself in these irresistible, soft pajamas. 


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